Starting To Get the Hang Of It

Evenin there!

I’m starting to get the hang of WordPress. I’m really enjoying the dashboard and just the way the site is put togeather. I will say that I was really really confused about everything for a while. Which is why I invested in this really awesome book I found at Books A Million.


This guide is amazing. Its easy and has high gloss paper inside that makes your insides all gooey. It has helped me and is helping me build this blog. I’m not much on the programming side if that’s what your into, but it has great information on themes and plugins. It’s been sitting on my coffee table and desk for over a month now, I’ve been reading through it alot. I would recommend this book for anyone whos serious about WordPress. You can find it in the magazines around the photography and digital art section in any Books A Million or Barnes and Noble.


Yeah yeah, don’t start with me. Now I read the Twilight series when I was 18 working at a B. Dalton bookstore, before it became a fandom and was underground. Stephanie Meyer came out with “The Host” in the middle of the Twilight series. I never read it untill now. Currently working on it, it has grabbed my attention. I love the idea behind it, aliens that consume our bodies and live through them. Her writing style is enjoyable. I should have this finished my next week.


Did anyone know this was a book?!! I know in my last post I had mentioned that this was a book, and my god I enjoyed the heck out of it. If you love and very unconventional love story, and a way out of left field take on the zombie Apocalypse, this is for you. Dosn’t take long to read either, a very short novel. But I loved the way Isaac takes on how a zombie possibly thinks to themselves. Hilarious. Totally a chick book, totally..

I’m also an avid gamer. If anyone cared.



Currently my husband have been working on games togeather instead of on our own. We have found it good time to spend. We are almost done with this, a VERY short game if you run right on through. We do enjoy finding all of the hidden temples the have, alot of  exploring. I love the redesign of Laura, they brought her into 2013. You can upgrade your weapons and whatnot, a very very good Tomb Raider.


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