Books and Flowers

Evening yall!

frowerFirst I would like to update that there is a virus in our house! Its seems myself and the little ones arnt doing so hot. We can’t seem to keep anything down, and on top of that, I found an ant pile the hard way whilst taking this picture here.

Lovely, isn’t it? I mean our situation, not the flower.

I finished The Host. Personally, I LOVED it. I’m not going into details about the book. I did have one of my friends try and tell me that she compared it to Twilight except with aliens. I wouldn’t say that at all. This is a novel that made me cry from happiness and joy. It was wonderful. Now I really hope they don’t screw the movie up..


The book for this week, Beautiful Darkness! I so enjoyed the first. I can’t wait to dive into this one. I pray to god the series can keep me interested the whole way through. I love the characters so much. Lena isn’t weak, I love how much of an individual she is. And Ethan is a strong source of power for her. I just get giddy thinking about it. The book covers themselves are very appealing and catch the eye. I recommend this to anyone who loves a bit of supernatural with their love story. I certainly do, but that’s just me.

photoshop Adobe offerd free downloads of CS3 a while back, and because I have a family and cannot afford a full copy of any of them, I jumped on this deal. Not having seen the program and normally do all of my workflow through LightRoom, I feel like a newcomer to Photoshop. I picked this up this week at our local Books a Million. It’s just enough to get your toes wet with the program, this book won’t take you too far. But for simple tasks, it’ll be a nice help. Not too bad for $14.99.


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