The Beginning of School

The school season has started! My baby girl has gone off into the world, they grow up too quickly. You finally start to realize that your getting them ready to leave you, and yes it breaks your heart, but now they have accomplishments that you can be proud of. And I am certainly one proud mama!

Lyra Eden the Big Girl

I am so happy to be your mama! I remember being in the hospital with you! I remember our first night, I remember most everything. You surprise me every day, and I can’t believe your almost 5! Your gonna surly impress them teachers, and I’m praying you make friends quickly. The world is ready for you my angel!

As a parent, I’ve prepared myself for this day, but nothing can get you ready to let go of their hand as they bound onto the bus, ready to tackle any task. In this moment watching the bus pulling away, I am so happy for her. Yet I myself am so sad. I guess as parents we need them almost more then what they need us. But I am proud. She can do anything that she puts her mind to, and so smart it’s almost scary.

Enough of that before I start crying, again.Melodie5

I had the opportunity to take pictures of a beautiful little nine month old th
is last month. And I just want to put on my blog my favorite from the session.

So CUTE! My goodness, she was quite the handful that day. Props to her awesome mother for running around after the little rascal! And as short as this post is I’m going to cut it off here, for I have house work and a wedding to prepare for!


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