Being Creatively Stifled

Oh goodness, a new year. And for me, not many photos. You see, I’ve almost been angry with my camera. My Cannon, she takes great photos, but she’s too slow for me now. I’ve had my DSLR for two years, and I out grew her quickly, and now because she is not fast enough, I do not use her at all. Which is a shame because she takes beautiful photos and never let me down, but because I have become so advanced, she frustrates me to no end. And so now, I do not use her. I shot a wedding in September, and she just was not fast enough for me. And since I have not used her because I am upset with it in general.

I’ve also had alot going on here at home. And it’s such a shame because my family keeps up with me here on WP, but I have not had the want to write or be creative at all. I’ve become so introverted that I have not been putting myself out there for any reason to do any photos of any kind. But then, there are people who know and love you who find you and demand pictures regardless. And I’m so great full for those people. In September I shot the most amazing wedding, and last month I took photos of two amazing people bringing a little angel into this world. And I just haven’t had the want to share anything. I guess we all get anxiety and we all get depressed over what we do. But I’m back  now. And I’m ready to share with the world once again.

A Lovely Bride

Tiffany was amazing, Stressed out like any other bride I would think, but she and her family were amazingly sweet and just ready for that day to just happen. I had just great happiness and honor to be able to share that day with them. Shooting a wedding was just so close to my heart, to see families come togeather, and to see everyone so happy. It was just a blessing. She was SO beautiful and the touching moments I was allowed to share with her a her family, nothing can describe it. I cannot thank them enough for giving me the chance to take their photos, and I gave it my all! All there is now is to wish them many happy years together and the hopes that they enjoy the hard word I did for them. I would do it for anyone. But for a photographers first, it means alot. May you make beautiful babies and may your final days be filled with joy and tequila!


Oh my goodness, I don’t have words for how happy I am about this. One of the best friends I’ve ever had finally found the most amazing woman I couldn’t even ever envision for him!!! Two of my most best friends ever and there is now a baby! I LOVE BABIES! And let me tell you this child (whom I don’t have pics of yet… just wait…) is the most BEAUTIFUL baby girl I’ve laid eyes on since my own. This session was made of laughs in cold weather. As a photographer I love to keep my clients laughing, it makes for wonderful photos and makes the smiles REAL. There is no “say cheese” in my photos. I get you in a position we like, and then the jokes start, and then while your laughing, thats when I’m shooting. I love REAL smiles, the kind you don’t think about. And I couldn’t be happier to have done this for them. Congrats on the baby yall!

And maby that should be it for the night. I’ve been dreaming of a new camera, which I should have in my hands by the end of this month. And possibly a new computer too to be able for me to do my work on. Stay tuned!


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