Summer time? Summer time.

Anyone else a strong disbeliever in the season of Summer? I would be contented if it was Fall/Winter year round. This Louisiana heat and humidity is just the pits, and it makes it so my kids don’t even want to go outside! They say it’s too hot to play in the sprinkler, so it seems we are all stuck inside, just plain miserable. Miserable I tell you! The Internet and fighting with each other can only keep them sustained for so long! I have paint, playdough, on top of their myriad of electronics, someone send help! These kids laying around my house do NOT match my decor!

Ohh Ohh! I will say that the highlight of my spring was my wonderful hubby granting me


permission to run out to Michaels and hitting up the sale for the Cricut Explore Air 2! My crafting dreams have come true!

I’ve always been a little crafty, after I got married my mother in law gifted me with the much smaller Cricut Create, and for 6 years ago I made so many wonderful things! But now, armed with my trusty, shiny new machine and the awesome software, I have binged. Mothers Day cards were a cinch this year, and I also made stickers galore! Oh how I feel like such a old lady, give me a glass of wine and my machine and stand back! I did take over our kitchen table for about two weeks, then our coffee table in our living room. Finally I basically rearranged our whole house to make a spot in our bedroom so I could be out of everyone’s way.

The Frozen decals are originally from a cartridge that I didn’t have, so I pieced those together myself with some time. TAKE THAT! So yes, fun has been had. Protip, tape your vinyl down before trying to layer them… Still working on that..

Now for some personal talk. I’ve recently reconnected with my sister on my fathers side, and this is a wonderful, amazing thing! You see, I’m the baby in a blended family, four siblings, the closest in age is 9 years above me. So in some why I’ve felt like an only child. I seem to have a hard time connecting, I feel very black sheepish, if you will. Sometimes I think it makes bonding all the harder, on all sides, of no fault of anyones! (Or maybe everyone’s, no judgment!) But I, myself am raising a blended family, and now being married for 7 1/2 years I think I may have gained some understanding of how hard some things can be, and how communication isn’t always easy, and how unintentional misinterpretations form. But I digress, I am just elated! Life is too short not to embrace what has been given to us, and far too much time has passed already! I am just feeling blessed with being able to reconnect with an amazing individual, and am enjoying finding out how much alike we really are.

And gosh darn it our house will be ready one of these days for us to move into! I can’t stand it! I have a room just for my crafts, and a two story garage that I can turn into a photo studio, with a beautiful downstairs area also for photos. I should even have enough space to have my family come and stay with me when they come from out of state, wouldn’t that be wonderful! GOODNESS GRACIOUS!

And, I need room for this zoo I seem to be building. I really have gotten better at not bringing every stray I find home, but some seem to just fall in my lap, and those seem to be the best pets! Destiny, I tell you! I do adore my rescue babies, but alas, I will admit, my Eclectus parrot is from a breeder. But he is special because I had a dream about him the night before I knew about him! So there! Here I shall add my most recent pictures of my furry babies, because I love to show them off!

I do think that may be all for an update for now, just counting the days until we can start moving. Then I’m sure I’ll have much more to say, and maybe some new found inspiration.

Anyone have any good tips on wallpapering a house?

Much Love from the Bayou!

*All photos in this post have been taken with the Google Pixel, and not exactly meant to be fantastic*



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