The Late Night Ramblings Of A Mom

A Bit More Of Me



Hello there! Seems that you’ve found you way to my personal blog, while you’re here I’ll tell you a small bit about myself.

I am a 29 year old, mother of three amazing kids. I grew up a gamer, avid animal lover, a major technology geek and book worm. Now in my free time when I am not gaming or chasing after my kids, I dabble in photography and dream of one day owning a harp!

The main reason I created this blog was to be able to upload some of my photos and speak a bit about whats going on when I create, just to have a small voice in this vast space of the internet. I pretty much stick close to home, not too adventurous anymore!

So enjoy! Drop me a note, feel free to follow and hello from the bayou’s of Louisiana!