The Late Night Ramblings Of A Mom


Summer time? Summer time.

Anyone else a strong disbeliever in the season of Summer? I would be contented if it was Fall/Winter year round. This Louisiana heat and humidity is just the pits, and it makes it so my kids don’t even want to go outside! They say it’s too hot to play in the sprinkler, so it seems we are all stuck inside, just plain miserable. Miserable I tell you! The Internet and fighting with each other can only keep them sustained for so long! I have paint, playdough, on top of their myriad of electronics, someone send help! These kids laying around my house do NOT match my decor!

Ohh Ohh! I will say that the highlight of my spring was my wonderful hubby granting me



permission to run out to Michaels and hitting up the sale for the Cricut Explore Air 2! My crafting dreams have come true!

I’ve always been a little crafty, after I got married my mother in law gifted me with the much smaller Cricut Create, and for 6 years ago I made so many wonderful things! But now, armed with my trusty, shiny new machine and the awesome software, I have binged. Mothers Day cards were a cinch this year, and I also made stickers galore! Oh how I feel like such a old lady, give me a glass of wine and my machine and stand back! I did take over our kitchen table for about two weeks, then our coffee table in our living room. Finally I basically rearranged our whole house to make a spot in our bedroom so I could be out of everyone’s way.

The Frozen decals are originally from a cartridge that I didn’t have, so I pieced those together myself with some time. TAKE THAT! So yes, fun has been had. Protip, tape your vinyl down before trying to layer them… Still working on that..

Now for some personal talk. I’ve recently reconnected with my sister on my fathers side, and this is a wonderful, amazing thing! You see, I’m the baby in a blended family, four siblings, the closest in age is 9 years above me. So in some why I’ve felt like an only child. I seem to have a hard time connecting, I feel very black sheepish, if you will. Sometimes I think it makes bonding all the harder, on all sides, of no fault of anyones! (Or maybe everyone’s, no judgment!) But I, myself am raising a blended family, and now being married for 7 1/2 years I think I may have gained some understanding of how hard some things can be, and how communication isn’t always easy, and how unintentional misinterpretations form. But I digress, I am just elated! Life is too short not to embrace what has been given to us, and far too much time has passed already! I am just feeling blessed with being able to reconnect with an amazing individual, and am enjoying finding out how much alike we really are.

And gosh darn it our house will be ready one of these days for us to move into! I can’t stand it! I have a room just for my crafts, and a two story garage that I can turn into a photo studio, with a beautiful downstairs area also for photos. I should even have enough space to have my family come and stay with me when they come from out of state, wouldn’t that be wonderful! GOODNESS GRACIOUS!

And, I need room for this zoo I seem to be building. I really have gotten better at not bringing every stray I find home, but some seem to just fall in my lap, and those seem to be the best pets! Destiny, I tell you! I do adore my rescue babies, but alas, I will admit, my Eclectus parrot is from a breeder. But he is special because I had a dream about him the night before I knew about him! So there! Here I shall add my most recent pictures of my furry babies, because I love to show them off!

I do think that may be all for an update for now, just counting the days until we can start moving. Then I’m sure I’ll have much more to say, and maybe some new found inspiration.

Anyone have any good tips on wallpapering a house?

Much Love from the Bayou!

*All photos in this post have been taken with the Google Pixel, and not exactly meant to be fantastic*



Moving, Growing, Change and Living In Limbo

It’s been some time, hasn’t it? But it seems like I say that often. 2016 was a hard year for myself and family, maby I can play catch up.

I’m currently trying to get my head on straight, 2016 was a hard year for my family in so many ways. My husband and I along with our caravan of children and animals will be moving at some point this year once the house is ready for us. That in itself is a long story, at least half of all our belongings have been packed for a while now, just waiting for the say so for us to hurry and do the rest. I’m sure that once I’m able to start unpacking in our new home, it would have been so long that I know I will have forgotten about this or that, and will be pleasantly surprised at what I find in each box. My poor kitchen… BUT! I will have space to build a photography studio! Something to look forward to!


Thorne Hart

I had my own traumatizing event as well, it has caused me to do a lot of thinking, prioritizing, and soul searching. It caused me to put my camera down, among other things. I only did one shoot last year as a favor to a friend, but that’s it. I’ve lost hold of a hobby that I value and enjoy so much, and that really sucks. I will say I took my camera out today and gave it and it’s lenses a good cleaning. Sorted through a few of my contract folders and sorted out my SD cards and thumb drives I’ve set aside for clients, all that good stuff. I even bought a new flash last year I haven’t used once, what a waste. I’m hoping that I can pull myself together enough to take some Easter photos of my kids this year, maby that


Thorne Hart

will add the spark I’m looking for. Or maby I will find so new motivation at the new house, a girl can dream!

Another frustrating note, my husband did decide to reformat our home computer, while I don’t mind one bit, I don’t think I was able to pull all of my work from it. I’m missing pictures galore, and my photography logo files an amazing friend made just for me. I’ve only recently been able to incorporate it into a few things, and now I cannot find it. I’m in distress. I’m totally a new user when it comes to Adobe Photoshop, and through some playing around I was able to finally use my logo! I should have sat down and made myself learn some time ago, but alas, gone it is. I feel foolish, and it adds to my downtrodden demeanor.

But this year seems hopeful! My family has a lot of bright things ahead of us this year and I don’t want to let


Thorne Hart

anything else get me down! You see, I’ve become a recluse, slightly agoraphobic? I need to get back out into the world and do something with myself, get out of my safe zone for a while. The most traveling I’ve done is in my video games, it’s quite sad. Oh no, I take that back! I did drive an hour this last month to visit a dear friend of whom I’ve gotten back in touch with, haha! Maby there is hope for me yet!

So I will stop here, I’m currently trying to contact Adobe to get my Lightroom back in order, finish dinner and make sure my girls have there homework tended to. Until next time my friends!

A New Summer

Woooo! It’s been a good minuet since I’ve updated this. I am horrible with writing online in extensive excess. But alas I do feel the need to put a few things up! I apologize for being away so long.

Alexis In The Sky With Diamonds


This has been a long time comming. I’ve gotten the pleasure of watching this girl grow up. She’s had her hardships like every teenager, but I feel that this girl has worked the hardest when it comes to completing school. I am so proud of her! I can’t wait to see her become a nurse so she can take care of my kids! These were also my first set of senior pictures and they were a joy to do, we had a lot of fun running around that day. Once again Alexis, congratulations! Keep it up!

Been doing alot of reading this spring, and into the summer. I have been going through books like they’re candy! The Mortal Instruments series is amazing, Do your self a favor and go pick thoes up! The last one in the series City of Heavenly Fire came out last week, I can’t wait till it comes out in paper back.

Shoo Girl

So this is just a small update for now, I do have more pictures to post but I have to finish some edits, to be continued!

The Beginning of School

The school season has started! My baby girl has gone off into the world, they grow up too quickly. You finally start to realize that your getting them ready to leave you, and yes it breaks your heart, but now they have accomplishments that you can be proud of. And I am certainly one proud mama!

Lyra Eden the Big Girl

I am so happy to be your mama! I remember being in the hospital with you! I remember our first night, I remember most everything. You surprise me every day, and I can’t believe your almost 5! Your gonna surly impress them teachers, and I’m praying you make friends quickly. The world is ready for you my angel!

As a parent, I’ve prepared myself for this day, but nothing can get you ready to let go of their hand as they bound onto the bus, ready to tackle any task. In this moment watching the bus pulling away, I am so happy for her. Yet I myself am so sad. I guess as parents we need them almost more then what they need us. But I am proud. She can do anything that she puts her mind to, and so smart it’s almost scary.

Enough of that before I start crying, again.Melodie5

I had the opportunity to take pictures of a beautiful little nine month old th
is last month. And I just want to put on my blog my favorite from the session.

So CUTE! My goodness, she was quite the handful that day. Props to her awesome mother for running around after the little rascal! And as short as this post is I’m going to cut it off here, for I have house work and a wedding to prepare for!


Oh Hi there, I didn’t forget about you, beloved blog of mine. Ive just being hiding in a dark hole where no one can find me. I became a mole, and went underground for the remainder of winter. But I’ve come out of hiding…. sort of.

I guess I’ve been on hiatus. Haven’t really been out shooting like I should be. Things have changed around my house, BIG time.


Like this lovely edition.

This would be Cricket. My Eclectus.

I met him in a dream before I knew he existed. I’m not joking.

I’m not saying I’m psychic or anything, but sometimes things just …happen.

He has helped me heal this gaping hole in my heart.

He has been a great source of comfort for me, and I am thankful. Pets can do wonderful things for a broken heart. And hes done the trick. He adores being sprayed with a water bottle, and then blowdryed after. He stretches his wings out as the warm air blows over them, and he steals things out of my plate. He enjoys perching somewhere in my bathroom while I do whatever it is I’m doing in there. Parrots are a joy to have, and my family is quite blessed with this 9 month old bugger.

Now in the ways of shooting, Ive been staring at my Canon for what seems like two months. It’s been staring back, I promise. Telling me to take it and go outside, screaming “Jamie! Quit watching Desparate Housewives, put down that Kit Kat, and take me outside!”

My mother would be the first to tell you that I don’t listen worth a damn. But when your down in the dumps, well, your just down. And when you ain’t got no one to help you get out of the dirt, well, it takes a while to dust it off. I’ma dustin though! It takes time, one step at a time. Sometimes we need to learn to depend on ourselves, can’t always expect that someone will be there to help you get your footing. Trial and error. And have a little dash of faith, can’t go wrong. And this is something that at being 25 year old, married, and a mother of 3, I’m just learning!

That rap song… “go head, and dust ya shoulders off.”

Tiny Flower

This I took yesterday. I looked outside to find some flowers growing in my broken brick flowerbed. Sometimes in my own sadness, I forget to look around and see the beauty around me. This is something that I should always remember. I guess sadness has a way of making you blind to the positive.

I mean look at that flower. It’s drinkin up some sun. No worries there.

Its so simple. Why are things always so complicated? Maby things are just black and white, but we as complex and emotional human beings, have to complicate things. And I do enjoy flowers. Even if they don’t have a smell to them.

I also have some really awesome news!… and I really can’t say anything about it yet. Calm down calm down, don’t worry too much about it yet! It will come when it needs to.

Any way, I will be out shooting more! I have something to do tomorrow as a matter of fact! So there! See you round!



The Joys Of Cereal

The Joys Of Cereal

The Marina In Houma Louisiana

The Marina In Houma Louisiana


Maby this year a 365 Photo project was just not feasible. It seems that ever since Janurary the first there has been alot going on in my household. I take it all, the good and the bad. I am blessed to say, to have what I have. But some days are drearier then others, and thoes are the days that I can’t seem to reach for my camera. But we are working on that!

I recently ordered and gotten a set of Polaroid filters, which Ive been happy to say I got to take advantage of quickly. And now might I add that a polarized lens is a new favorite of mine. Which I’ll most definetly be getting one for each lens I ever aquire. I squee over what is does for color!

Ok I’ll be the first one to say it, I don’t really “do” vintage.

Does that make me sound weird? When it comes to photo style. I like color that kinda punches you in the face! More or less.. I enjoy what I do, and that enough for me!


More New Years Photos!

I just can’t stop taking pictures today.



365 Photo Project?

Good afternoon, Jamie here!

Coming to you from a small town, or how I just rather say, down the bayou! It’s a lovely day down here, husband is putting together a brand new charcoal grill so we may use it to the fullest! Gonna have some friends over and just celebrate the new year!

I feel like I’ve come so far this year. 2012 was the year that I got very serious about photography. I was alwCharBroilays the girl who just had to have her point and shoot, it stayed in my purse always. But now, armed with my trusty T3i, I’ve explored quite more then what I ever could would a point
and shoot.

I’m fo def thinking about doing this photo project. But it’s a big decision. May not sound like it, but being a mother of three little ones, it’s hard to take a DSLR everywhere, or to “wear your camera.” Gotta remember that those days that you don’t want to get outta bed, you gotta take that one picture! It makes you grow as a photographer, am I’m pretty excited. Intimated as well.

Now onto the first picture of the new year!