A New Summer

Woooo! It’s been a good minuet since I’ve updated this. I am horrible with writing online in extensive excess. But alas I do feel the need to put a few things up! I apologize for being away so long. This has been a long time comming. I’ve gotten the pleasure of watching this girl grow... Continue Reading →


Being Creatively Stifled

Oh goodness, a new year. And for me, not many photos. You see, I've almost been angry with my camera. My Cannon, she takes great photos, but she's too slow for me now. I've had my DSLR for two years, and I out grew her quickly, and now because she is not fast enough, I... Continue Reading →

And The Stars Shine For You

Whew! I am SO happy that June is over. This summer has been kicking my butt! It seems like Louisiana gets hotter every year, it makes me want to stay inside, I can't stand the heat. But the down side is, if I do this, I'm not out taking pictures. I'm so jealous of you... Continue Reading →

A Readers Mind Is An Endless Vault

Evenin there! Jamie here, coming to you from down the bayou, the swamp if you weren't sure. Good ole Louisiana.I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates! I just so happen to have had my nose lodged in a series of books and I just haven't stopped reading since I picked up the first.Omg am I the only one totally... Continue Reading →

Books and Flowers

Evening yall! First I would like to update that there is a virus in our house! Its seems myself and the little ones arnt doing so hot. We can't seem to keep anything down, and on top of that, I found an ant pile the hard way whilst taking this picture here. Lovely, isn't it?... Continue Reading →

Just To Say Good Night

All girls love flowers. Well, at least the ones who have any sense in their heads. I'm no pro, but I've been working a bit on how to shoot flowers. This would be a bush in my neighbors yard, well, it's a salon. I'm no expert, but I love how they look like their glowing.... Continue Reading →

Starting To Get the Hang Of It

Evenin there! I'm starting to get the hang of WordPress. I'm really enjoying the dashboard and just the way the site is put togeather. I will say that I was really really confused about everything for a while. Which is why I invested in this really awesome book I found at Books A Million. This... Continue Reading →

Music In My Brain

I usually have music playing in my mind at all times, and this evening I felt like sharing just a tad of electronic music with you. Now I just finished watching Warm Bodies, which was an amazing movie in which I read the book first. I enjoyed the book quite a bit, the banter that... Continue Reading →

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