Just To Say Good Night

All girls love flowers. Well, at least the ones who have any sense in their heads. I'm no pro, but I've been working a bit on how to shoot flowers. This would be a bush in my neighbors yard, well, it's a salon. I'm no expert, but I love how they look like their glowing.... Continue Reading →


Starting To Get the Hang Of It

Evenin there! I'm starting to get the hang of WordPress. I'm really enjoying the dashboard and just the way the site is put togeather. I will say that I was really really confused about everything for a while. Which is why I invested in this really awesome book I found at Books A Million. This... Continue Reading →

Music In My Brain

I usually have music playing in my mind at all times, and this evening I felt like sharing just a tad of electronic music with you. Now I just finished watching Warm Bodies, which was an amazing movie in which I read the book first. I enjoyed the book quite a bit, the banter that... Continue Reading →


Oh Hi there, I didn't forget about you, beloved blog of mine. Ive just being hiding in a dark hole where no one can find me. I became a mole, and went underground for the remainder of winter. But I've come out of hiding.... sort of. I guess I've been on hiatus. Haven't really been... Continue Reading →


Maby this year a 365 Photo project was just not feasible. It seems that ever since Janurary the first there has been alot going on in my household. I take it all, the good and the bad. I am blessed to say, to have what I have. But some days are drearier then others, and... Continue Reading →

365 Photo Project?

Good afternoon, Jamie here! Coming to you from a small town, or how I just rather say, down the bayou! It's a lovely day down here, husband is putting together a brand new charcoal grill so we may use it to the fullest! Gonna have some friends over and just celebrate the new year! I... Continue Reading →

Its a Scary Scary World

First post for a new blog! It's been a while since Ive kept one, but I'm hoping to put my heart and soul into this one. I would love to post all of my shots, may they look good or not. But I wan t to talk about photography, what Ive learned and what others... Continue Reading →

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