The Late Night Ramblings Of A Mom


Music In My Brain

I usually have music playing in my mind at all times, and this evening I felt like sharing just a tad of electronic music with you.

Now I just finished watching Warm Bodies, which was an amazing movie in which I read the book first. I enjoyed the book quite a bit, the banter that goes on in R’s head cracks me up. And they did a pretty good job with the movie too, totally went off to left field for the ending though.. But alas, a great soundtrack was born! Here’s my personal favorite from the Warm Bodies soundtrack.


Speaking of electronic music, IAMX dropped their new album this last week, which I’m sure is amazing from the singles they have released. Here’s the first single off of the new album.




Oh Hi there, I didn’t forget about you, beloved blog of mine. Ive just being hiding in a dark hole where no one can find me. I became a mole, and went underground for the remainder of winter. But I’ve come out of hiding…. sort of.

I guess I’ve been on hiatus. Haven’t really been out shooting like I should be. Things have changed around my house, BIG time.


Like this lovely edition.

This would be Cricket. My Eclectus.

I met him in a dream before I knew he existed. I’m not joking.

I’m not saying I’m psychic or anything, but sometimes things just …happen.

He has helped me heal this gaping hole in my heart.

He has been a great source of comfort for me, and I am thankful. Pets can do wonderful things for a broken heart. And hes done the trick. He adores being sprayed with a water bottle, and then blowdryed after. He stretches his wings out as the warm air blows over them, and he steals things out of my plate. He enjoys perching somewhere in my bathroom while I do whatever it is I’m doing in there. Parrots are a joy to have, and my family is quite blessed with this 9 month old bugger.

Now in the ways of shooting, Ive been staring at my Canon for what seems like two months. It’s been staring back, I promise. Telling me to take it and go outside, screaming “Jamie! Quit watching Desparate Housewives, put down that Kit Kat, and take me outside!”

My mother would be the first to tell you that I don’t listen worth a damn. But when your down in the dumps, well, your just down. And when you ain’t got no one to help you get out of the dirt, well, it takes a while to dust it off. I’ma dustin though! It takes time, one step at a time. Sometimes we need to learn to depend on ourselves, can’t always expect that someone will be there to help you get your footing. Trial and error. And have a little dash of faith, can’t go wrong. And this is something that at being 25 year old, married, and a mother of 3, I’m just learning!

That rap song… “go head, and dust ya shoulders off.”

Tiny Flower

This I took yesterday. I looked outside to find some flowers growing in my broken brick flowerbed. Sometimes in my own sadness, I forget to look around and see the beauty around me. This is something that I should always remember. I guess sadness has a way of making you blind to the positive.

I mean look at that flower. It’s drinkin up some sun. No worries there.

Its so simple. Why are things always so complicated? Maby things are just black and white, but we as complex and emotional human beings, have to complicate things. And I do enjoy flowers. Even if they don’t have a smell to them.

I also have some really awesome news!… and I really can’t say anything about it yet. Calm down calm down, don’t worry too much about it yet! It will come when it needs to.

Any way, I will be out shooting more! I have something to do tomorrow as a matter of fact! So there! See you round!



The Joys Of Cereal

The Joys Of Cereal

The Marina In Houma Louisiana

The Marina In Houma Louisiana


Maby this year a 365 Photo project was just not feasible. It seems that ever since Janurary the first there has been alot going on in my household. I take it all, the good and the bad. I am blessed to say, to have what I have. But some days are drearier then others, and thoes are the days that I can’t seem to reach for my camera. But we are working on that!

I recently ordered and gotten a set of Polaroid filters, which Ive been happy to say I got to take advantage of quickly. And now might I add that a polarized lens is a new favorite of mine. Which I’ll most definetly be getting one for each lens I ever aquire. I squee over what is does for color!

Ok I’ll be the first one to say it, I don’t really “do” vintage.

Does that make me sound weird? When it comes to photo style. I like color that kinda punches you in the face! More or less.. I enjoy what I do, and that enough for me!


More New Years Photos!

I just can’t stop taking pictures today.



365 Photo Project?

Good afternoon, Jamie here!

Coming to you from a small town, or how I just rather say, down the bayou! It’s a lovely day down here, husband is putting together a brand new charcoal grill so we may use it to the fullest! Gonna have some friends over and just celebrate the new year!

I feel like I’ve come so far this year. 2012 was the year that I got very serious about photography. I was alwCharBroilays the girl who just had to have her point and shoot, it stayed in my purse always. But now, armed with my trusty T3i, I’ve explored quite more then what I ever could would a point
and shoot.

I’m fo def thinking about doing this photo project. But it’s a big decision. May not sound like it, but being a mother of three little ones, it’s hard to take a DSLR everywhere, or to “wear your camera.” Gotta remember that those days that you don’t want to get outta bed, you gotta take that one picture! It makes you grow as a photographer, am I’m pretty excited. Intimated as well.

Now onto the first picture of the new year!

Its a Scary Scary World

First post for a new blog!

It’s been a while since Ive kept one, but I’m hoping to put my heart andJadie soul into this one. I would love to post all of my shots, may they look good or not. But I wan
t to talk about photography, what Ive learned and what others think.

May it begin!

To start off, going through a folder of pictures I did, found this little gem to edit. I love her pose, and the not giving a hell attitude!