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And The Stars Shine For You

Whew! I am SO happy that June is over. This summer has been kicking my butt! It seems like Louisiana gets hotter every year, it makes me want to stay inside, I can’t stand the heat. But the down side is, if I do this, I’m not out taking pictures. I’m so jealous of you norther people, I’ve never even seen snow.



My most wonderful hubby let me go and get my Canon 40mm pankcake two weeks ago, and might I say this is one amazing lens! The blur is creates is so natural and soft, the auto focus is quick, quiet, and right on the money. This is most definitely going to be used, and the color, oh the color.

Blur Flower

I wish I had more friends to photograph, I guess such is the life of a introvert. And I wish my own children would allow me to take photos of them , they would just rather give me a hard time and throw their hands up to their face when they see me coming. Luckily next week I do have a session planned with the most adorable 9 month old. I cannot wait for this bubble photo date!


So I just wanted to add a few pictures, and just be thankful that June is over. I want to paint my house! Any way, over and out from the bayou!


Books and Flowers

Evening yall!

frowerFirst I would like to update that there is a virus in our house! Its seems myself and the little ones arnt doing so hot. We can’t seem to keep anything down, and on top of that, I found an ant pile the hard way whilst taking this picture here.

Lovely, isn’t it? I mean our situation, not the flower.

I finished The Host. Personally, I LOVED it. I’m not going into details about the book. I did have one of my friends try and tell me that she compared it to Twilight except with aliens. I wouldn’t say that at all. This is a novel that made me cry from happiness and joy. It was wonderful. Now I really hope they don’t screw the movie up..


The book for this week, Beautiful Darkness! I so enjoyed the first. I can’t wait to dive into this one. I pray to god the series can keep me interested the whole way through. I love the characters so much. Lena isn’t weak, I love how much of an individual she is. And Ethan is a strong source of power for her. I just get giddy thinking about it. The book covers themselves are very appealing and catch the eye. I recommend this to anyone who loves a bit of supernatural with their love story. I certainly do, but that’s just me.

photoshop Adobe offerd free downloads of CS3 a while back, and because I have a family and cannot afford a full copy of any of them, I jumped on this deal. Not having seen the program and normally do all of my workflow through LightRoom, I feel like a newcomer to Photoshop. I picked this up this week at our local Books a Million. It’s just enough to get your toes wet with the program, this book won’t take you too far. But for simple tasks, it’ll be a nice help. Not too bad for $14.99.