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A Readers Mind Is An Endless Vault

Evenin there! Jamie here, coming to you from down the bayou, the swamp if you weren’t sure. Good ole Louisiana.

I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates! I just so happen to have had my nose lodged in a series of books and I just haven’t stopped reading since I picked up the first.

allthreeOmg am I the only one totally obsessed with this series?!! I finished the first two within a week, I could not put them down. This would be the prequel to Cassandra Clare’s New York Times best selling series The Mortal Instruments. Set in a Steam Punk victiorian era, gaslights and clockwork automaton, the setting in itself is romantic. Supernatural too, Shadowhunters who are really half angel and half human superhuman ass kickers! Who else loves a big o’ demon killing? Her characters are simply wonderful, and you just want to learn more about them. I’m ready to start reading City of Bones after this, it gives you a setting that you want to live in.

Music for your brain, I got music for your brain.

iamx   One of my most favorite artists, ever. IAMX dropped their newest album last month, The Unified Field. The first album that Chris brought in a producer so he could have more freedom to work with new sounds and just be more in the creative zone. It is amazing. The first single “The Unified Field” is an all out lets dance till we drop electronic harmonies,  and then he shows you his softer side with tracks like “Quiet the Mind.” Then when you think you can’t take anymore, he throws “Animal Impulses” at you and you can’t help but move your body. An excellent album, I will be pumping this in my car for a while.

TOMORROW, I will be doing some video of a friends radio show tomorrow night at KNSU. I will be posting links so everyone can get the online feed and listen in to all of the hilarity. Untill tomorrow, I leave you with this video. Dance.

Feel free to comment below, I love to hear what anyone thinks about the books I read and the music I listen to. I always like to get suggestions as well!


Music In My Brain

I usually have music playing in my mind at all times, and this evening I felt like sharing just a tad of electronic music with you.

Now I just finished watching Warm Bodies, which was an amazing movie in which I read the book first. I enjoyed the book quite a bit, the banter that goes on in R’s head cracks me up. And they did a pretty good job with the movie too, totally went off to left field for the ending though.. But alas, a great soundtrack was born! Here’s my personal favorite from the Warm Bodies soundtrack.


Speaking of electronic music, IAMX dropped their new album this last week, which I’m sure is amazing from the singles they have released. Here’s the first single off of the new album.