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Moving, Growing, Change and Living In Limbo

It’s been some time, hasn’t it? But it seems like I say that often. 2016 was a hard year for myself and family, maby I can play catch up.

I’m currently trying to get my head on straight, 2016 was a hard year for my family in so many ways. My husband and I along with our caravan of children and animals will be moving at some point this year once the house is ready for us. That in itself is a long story, at least half of all our belongings have been packed for a while now, just waiting for the say so for us to hurry and do the rest. I’m sure that once I’m able to start unpacking in our new home, it would have been so long that I know I will have forgotten about this or that, and will be pleasantly surprised at what I find in each box. My poor kitchen… BUT! I will have space to build a photography studio! Something to look forward to!


Thorne Hart

I had my own traumatizing event as well, it has caused me to do a lot of thinking, prioritizing, and soul searching. It caused me to put my camera down, among other things. I only did one shoot last year as a favor to a friend, but that’s it. I’ve lost hold of a hobby that I value and enjoy so much, and that really sucks. I will say I took my camera out today and gave it and it’s lenses a good cleaning. Sorted through a few of my contract folders and sorted out my SD cards and thumb drives I’ve set aside for clients, all that good stuff. I even bought a new flash last year I haven’t used once, what a waste. I’m hoping that I can pull myself together enough to take some Easter photos of my kids this year, maby that


Thorne Hart

will add the spark I’m looking for. Or maby I will find so new motivation at the new house, a girl can dream!

Another frustrating note, my husband did decide to reformat our home computer, while I don’t mind one bit, I don’t think I was able to pull all of my work from it. I’m missing pictures galore, and my photography logo files an amazing friend made just for me. I’ve only recently been able to incorporate it into a few things, and now I cannot find it. I’m in distress. I’m totally a new user when it comes to Adobe Photoshop, and through some playing around I was able to finally use my logo! I should have sat down and made myself learn some time ago, but alas, gone it is. I feel foolish, and it adds to my downtrodden demeanor.

But this year seems hopeful! My family has a lot of bright things ahead of us this year and I don’t want to let


Thorne Hart

anything else get me down! You see, I’ve become a recluse, slightly agoraphobic? I need to get back out into the world and do something with myself, get out of my safe zone for a while. The most traveling I’ve done is in my video games, it’s quite sad. Oh no, I take that back! I did drive an hour this last month to visit a dear friend of whom I’ve gotten back in touch with, haha! Maby there is hope for me yet!

So I will stop here, I’m currently trying to contact Adobe to get my Lightroom back in order, finish dinner and make sure my girls have there homework tended to. Until next time my friends!


Books and Flowers

Evening yall!

frowerFirst I would like to update that there is a virus in our house! Its seems myself and the little ones arnt doing so hot. We can’t seem to keep anything down, and on top of that, I found an ant pile the hard way whilst taking this picture here.

Lovely, isn’t it? I mean our situation, not the flower.

I finished The Host. Personally, I LOVED it. I’m not going into details about the book. I did have one of my friends try and tell me that she compared it to Twilight except with aliens. I wouldn’t say that at all. This is a novel that made me cry from happiness and joy. It was wonderful. Now I really hope they don’t screw the movie up..


The book for this week, Beautiful Darkness! I so enjoyed the first. I can’t wait to dive into this one. I pray to god the series can keep me interested the whole way through. I love the characters so much. Lena isn’t weak, I love how much of an individual she is. And Ethan is a strong source of power for her. I just get giddy thinking about it. The book covers themselves are very appealing and catch the eye. I recommend this to anyone who loves a bit of supernatural with their love story. I certainly do, but that’s just me.

photoshop Adobe offerd free downloads of CS3 a while back, and because I have a family and cannot afford a full copy of any of them, I jumped on this deal. Not having seen the program and normally do all of my workflow through LightRoom, I feel like a newcomer to Photoshop. I picked this up this week at our local Books a Million. It’s just enough to get your toes wet with the program, this book won’t take you too far. But for simple tasks, it’ll be a nice help. Not too bad for $14.99.